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Who We Are

Hedge 3 Capital has the task to create value for our clients, scouting the best financial opportunities in the global markets.
Our team of professionals and specialists works round the clock to give our clients the best service with the maximum transparency. Our dedicated team of Wealth Managers is always working to bring forward the best in class solutions, in line with your risk appetite and preferences, ensuring that your asset management will have the best performances.
Bankers in our Group have an exemplary track record of having provided superior client experience, in line with the investor’s long-term wealth creation, preservation and legacy planning goals at the core of their operations for over a decade in UAE across different banks. Thenks to our team’s experience and by the proficiency and meticulousness of partner selection, our Group has what it takes to deliver performance in line with the client expectations.

What We Do

Our international network, our financial activity give us access to financial instruments that give to investors the highest guarantee of the invested equity and the highest possible yields. Our Asset Management Unit helps private investors to find the perfect solutions. You can choose if investing in our Real Estate projects, in commodities, or in projects with sovereign guarantees, backed by States.
Our core operations are in DIFC, a unique place where the top world financial institutions have their main offices and so we can have access to closed investment funds and to products that are available only for selected clients. We work through a bouquet of Private Banks, ensuring best in class product, service and yields for our clients. Apart from managing wealth, we also partner with a variety of financial institutions to take care of your personal and corporate financial needs.
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) today ranks among the top 10 Financial Centers in the world along with the New York, London and Singapore. DIFC has been catering to the Middle East, European, South Asian and African business for 15 years and connects these markets to Asia, Europe and Americas.
DIFC is home to a world recognized regulatory regime which implements an independent regulatory framework with a proven judicial system under the English Common Law.
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